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Why You Should Switch Your Soap Now!

Are you using Dove, Caress, Dial, or regular antibacterial soap? Well, throw it away! You don’t need to use it, in fact what you should do is use Gold Rush Black Soap.

Gold Rush Black Soap is natural and organic and fantastic for your face and body. It’s infused with cocoa pods, shea butter, palm and coconut oil, Shea tree bark, and palm tree leaves. It contains vitamin E, A, and K and it is rich in antioxidants which are all vital for healthy skin. And we ALL want healthy and glowing skin.

The benefits of Gold Rush Black Soap are:
1. It is an awesome acne fighter
2. Lightens blemishes and dark spots
3. Soothes and heals eczema
4. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
5. Reduce oily skin, unclogs pores, and soothes razor bumps
6. Great for dry and itchy skin and sensitive skin

You can also use Gold Rush Black Soap as a makeup remover or as a shampoo.

Think about it? Why would you want to use regular a bar soap when Gold Rush Black Soap is clearly the best to use in the market. The bar soaps from the grocery stores, Walmart, or Target are manufactured with different chemicals and made with artificial ingredients that can irritate your skin. In fact, don’t be too surprised if the soap you are currently using may have some of the same ingredients of powder detergent. It is crazy, but companies would rather use cheaper non-organic ingredients to produce larger amounts of products for profit.

“Where can I buy  Gold Rush Black Soap?”

Start your journey at Inner Roots for glowing and healthy skin using Gold Rush Black Soap. Inner Roots is fully dedicated to an alternative health style that is “Rooted” in true organic and non-medicinal choices. Right now, purchase three bars of Gold Rush Black Soap for $15. Make your purchase now at for your Gold Rush Black Soap.

When you do order and receive your soaps, let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback. Follow us on Instagram @Inner_RootsLLC and Facebook at @InnerRootsLLC and join our email list to receive future updates on Inner Roots products, events, and promotions.


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