The vision of Inner Roots LLC is to become a retailing hub for natural, organic, and herbal products that fit all demographics.



The pharmaceutical industry is growing at an extremely fast and unprecedented rate. In 2016, pharmaceutical products became the United States #1 Gross Domestic Product primarily because people are realizing the value of natural and homeopathic approaches to illnesses and in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. As you consider how you can live longer, enjoy more out of life, encourage your family to do the same, we encourage you to be a part of our family. Here at Inner Roots, we discourage use of products that are chemically-induced, and hope that you would use our line of natural and organic products that have been proven to maintain a healthier life.


The vision of Inner Roots is to become the preferred retailing hub for natural, organic, and herbal products servicing all demographics. Our customers are family. We are fully dedicated to an alternative health style that is “rooted” in true organic and non-medicinal choices. Inner Roots offers knowledge and products that inform our customers in how to live a flourishing life – spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our Inner Roots family receive the care that true family members give to one another. That care contributes to longevity, relaxation, internal reflection, self-connection, and hygienic bodily needs. Our prices are competitive because we are not looking to be the biggest against our competitors, but rather the best for our family.


Inner Root’s Gold Rush Black Soap with Shea Butter is designed to cleanse, hydrate and calm problem skin. Helps to balance oily skin for clearer complexions. Use daily.

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